I was raised in southern California, where I attended UCLA for a long, long time, studying linguistics as an undergraduate (1974 BA) and later a graduate student (1975 MA; 1980 PhD). 

My primary research interests have been in syntax and the syntactic and morphological structure of languages typologically very dissimilar from English (including native American languages like Maricopa, Yavapai, and Chickasaw and others from outside of North America like Bauan Fijian and Irish Gaelic). 

I was a member of the English Department at Washington State University from 1981 until 2018. I was the coordinator of the Linguistics program at WSU and I taught the core linguistics courses in the English Department in syntax, phonology, as well as  traditional grammar course(s), sociolinguistics, language acquisition, and the history of English. Occasionally I taught seminars in linguistic topics like research methods, historical linguistics, discourse analysis and language families in which I have a research interest (Yuman, Celtic)--whatever there was student demand for.