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English 112 Language in the Real World (Topic: Language and Law)

English 255 English Grammar
The primary goal of this class is to learn to apply of one kind of analysis to English sentences. This kind of analysis introduces the terms and methods of traditional analysis which underlie style sheets and manuals. It should, therefore, make editing and revising to a specific style sheet much easier.

English 256 Introduction to Linguistics 
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the field of linguistics, the study of the nature, structure and use of language. 

English 443/543 Phonology
The purpose of this course is to help students to learn about the sound systems of natural human languages, to learn techniques for analyzing regularities in sounds systems, to learn how to make arguments in favor of particular analyses, and to become familiar with the range of natural variation and distribution of speech sounds in human languages.   

English 444/544 Syntax 
The purpose of this class is to learn about modern syntactic theory and analysis based on examining a range of structures (of different periods, developmental stages and dialects) of English (mostly). The best way to learn a system of analysis is to do it and so we'll be doing a lot of it. We will be employing a Minimalist approach, which is the most recent theoretical descendant of generative syntax.

English 457 Sociolinguistics

English 454/554 History of the English Language
The topic of this course is the development of English from the time Germanic tribes invade the British Isles to the present.  We will consider how the changes in English exemplify language change in general, how language and society interact, how the language is used in literature and how English developed as a literate language. 
English 458 Topics in Linguistics: Historical Linguistics

The purpose of this course is to help students to learn about how languages change over time; to learn about the kinds of relationships that exist between languages; to learn the techniques for analyzing and providing evidence for those relationships; and to learn how to do formal analyses of language change and argue for particular analyses. 

English 458 Topics in Linguistics: Linguistic Research Methods
The purpose of this class is to introduce a wide range of research methods in linguistics (many of which can be used in a wide range of social science and educational areas as well as linguistics). At the end of this class, a student should be able tread a wide range of linguistic research critically; conduct research using multiple methods; and draw up an effective research plan to address a particular question or hypothesis.
Humanities 103: Mythology
The purpose of this course is to introduce the study of myth, to examine some traditional Greek, Roman and Indian (Sanskrit) myths from several different theoretical approaches, to consider what these myths can tell us about proto-Indo-European culture, and to observe how they have influenced art, music and literature over time.